Holistic Facilitation and Therapies

To live your life to the fullest
is a matter of choice.


It gives me great pleasure to invite people (and animals) to more possibilities, other choices and change, bringing joy and ease into their lives. As a single mother of four young women, I know how important this can be. I have been working in my own practice as a coach/facilitator since 2006 and have been enthusiastically giving classes around Europe for many years.

"What does it take to create the life you really want with ease now?"

Free of the pain from the past, hindering ties, shocks, traumas, emotions... Free of beliefs systems and emotions that prevent you from living a joyful life.

You only need to choose.

"This sounds too simple and easy, it can’t work", you might think. Okay, the thing is, you create your reality through your beliefs. You have the choice of what you want to change from that. I would like to invite you to do so.

I encourage and support you to move beyond your comfort zone.

Below you will find a selection of my most important trainings and further education.

Educations, trainings, qualifications:

  • Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator
  • Access Consciousness® Bars Facilitator BF
  • Access Facelift Facilitator AFF
  • Access Body Process Facilitator BPF
  • Talk to the Entities® Certified Facilitator
  • 1. Dan Black belt in Karate
  • LAISING and natural learning, decision making and social interaction 2015
  • MATRIX-2-POINT trainer, Quantum Healing 2011
  • Laughter yoga teacher, Dr. M. Kataria 2009
  • Integrative healing school, C.B. Mohler, 2006–2009
  • Penta numerology, C.B. Mohler, 2006–2007
  • Energy psychology: EFT practitioner (Tapping) 2006
  • Free energy trainer, Werner Neuner 2004–2005
  • Gordon communication trainer 2003–2004
  • Typographer, professional maturity certificate for design 1987–1991

Advanced trainings

  • Access Consciousness® Youth Ambassador
  • Access Consciousness® Pragmatic Psychology, Susanna Mittermaier
  • Access Consciousness® ESSE method, Energetic Synthesis of Structural Embodiment, by Dr. Glenna Rice and Suzy Godsey,
    Body and process work with the fascial system, for bodies and horses
  • Chakra clearing and balancing: body- and energy work
  • Sound healing
  • Quantum jumping by Burt Goldman
  • Sound healing intensive seminars, Tom Kenyon
  • Constellations of siblings
  • Systemic family constellations
  • Shamanic healing work, Carlo Zumstein, Foundation for Shamanic Studies
  • Animal communication