Katharina-Aniya Mies - Holistic Facilitation and Therapies

How big is the gap between your current life and the life you desire in the following areas?

  • partnership, relationships
  • health, joie de vivre, fitness, nutrition
  • profession and vocation
  • money and financial topics

I will help you to activate your inner forces in order to overcome the divide for instance in…

  • relationship topics (partnership, parent-child)
  • physical symptoms (also seemingly inexplicable ones)
  • healing and recovery processes, release of pain after accidents and operations
  • topics of addiction
  • money and debt topics
  • depressions
  • grieving after loss
  • topics of abuse
  • recurring negative situations and behavioral patterns
  • bullying
  • professional goals and adjustments
  • topics related to stress, burnout
  • fears of all kinds…

Your possible goals

  • I am full of trust, gratitude, and optimism.
  • I have attentive and fulfilling relationships.
  • I enjoy a balanced life full of wealth.
  • I am at peace with my past and live fully in the moment.
  • Money is a topic that makes me happy – there is always enough to satisfy my needs.
  • I know exactly where my strengths lie and employ them with purpose and enthusiasm in a fulfilling job.
  • I value and love my body, eat well, and practice sports regularly.
  • I am important and my being counts.
  • I love and accept myself just the way I am!
  • I am always enough.