Katharina-Aniya Mies - Holistic Facilitation and Therapies

Energy therapy

The methods of energy therapy clear blocked emotional energies and negative thought patterns that have become trivial for most people. These blockades result in what we generally call stress. Distorted, occluded, or damaged flows and systems of energy make it impossible to access our full potential.

Energy therapy releases emotional charges from the past, mental states become orderly and peaceful, and the entire energy system is repaired. This is reflected in our everyday lives in the form of better health, more joy, clear thoughts, and a strong spiritual connection. Energy therapy gives our life force more energy and vitality so that we attract all that we want and that what is good for us.

I work with different energy clearing and balance systems that help people quickly and easily achieve a greater well-being.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT),
Energy psychology or tapping

EFT is a holistic, highly effective method, where the fingertips softly tap on our body’s acupuncture points. The procedure is easy to remember and applicable everywhere, regardless of place and situation.

EFT allows treatment of mental, physical, and emotional charges so that blocked energies can flow into the body again. This simple technique has already released and relieved thousands of people from pain, illness, and countless other sufferings.

Energy psychology assumes that the true cause of stress, burdening feelings, negative thoughts, and memories always lies blocked in the body’s own energy system. The cause of this blockage can be transformed gently and carefully using EFT. Since our physical pains and illnesses evidently are connected to our emotions, the following statement has proven to be true:

“Our unresolved negative emotions and destructive convictions and doctrines about ourselves are the main causes for most pains and illnesses.”

Chakra balancing massage

Chakra is a Sanskrit word that means something like wheel or vortex and indicates the seven main energy centers of our body. These powerful energy centers run from the perineum to the vertex and back. They are not physical but rather aspects of our subconscious that are associated with specific life issues and organs. The chakras function like pumps or valves that regulate the flow of energy through our energy system.

The chakra balancing massage is a wonderful opportunity to massage the chakras with special herbal-color oils, to optimize the direction of rotation, and to transform blocked energies so that the flow of energy is released into the body. The massage only works on the back up to the throat chakra, balancing the spine. The first and sixth chakras are activated using light pulses. Despite its gentleness, the balancing massage causes a deep cleansing process and relaxes the entire system. It takes between one and one and a half hours.


Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation and also supports healing processes. It is based on the idea that a higher life force exists, running through everything and, thus, enabling life. If our life force is low, we become ill or stressed. If it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy.

The word Reiki is composed of the Japanese words “Rei,” meaning “God’s wisdom” or “higher power,” and “Ki,” meaning life force. Thus, Reiki is understood to be the “spiritually guided life force.”

Treatment feels like a wonderful, glowing light flowing through and around you. Reiki is a holistic treatment – it treats the body, emotions, spirit, and soul and brings about relaxation and feelings of peace, safety, and well-being. Many people have reported miraculous effects.

Reiki is a simple, natural, and positive spiritual healing method that can be used by anyone. Almost every known disease and pain has already been treated with Reiki, bringing about soothing relief. It is also helpful in combination with other medical or therapeutic techniques to reduce side effects and further recovery.