Katharina-Aniya Mies - Holistic Facilitation and Therapies

It takes more strength to fail than to succeed.

Facilitation packages

If you truly want change in your life, ask yourself the following questions: “What am I willing to change about myself to reach my goals? “How strongly am I committed to realize my ideas? “What has kept me thus far in achieving my goals?”

I am very happy to provide all my knowledge, wisdom, and experience for your well-being. With a focused mind to hear and understand you, with an open heart to perceive you, with a soul filled with light to touch you. This will be my contribution to our journey together. A journey to set your inner champion free and to reach your goals and visions. I am satisfied when I see my work help people remove layers that are hiding their true self as they courageously begin to live their full truth, make huge leaps in their development, or also take small steps to come closer to their goals and visions. It touches my heart when people blossom and succeed in all areas of life.

True change, however, requires your devotion to the process, trying new things, and doing the exercises regularly. And perceiving emerging challenges as what they simply are: an indication to leave your comfort zone NOW in order to broaden it!

A truly deep and sustainable coaching process requires time. That is why my offers vary according to your needs. I only offer one-time sessions in emergencies.

Facilitation offers

One session is 60 minutes long.

Facilitation Pro
One weekly session for 8 weeks.

This offer is ideal if you have already done a lot of work yourself and want support and clarification for a specific topic.

Facilitation Intensive
Weekly double session for a minimum of 8 weeks.

The intensive facilitation sessions are especially suited for all topics that need broader clarification and have bothered you for quite a while. These topics create pressure and stress in your life and often affect several areas of your life.

Facilitation Premium
Weekly session for 3, 6 or 12 months.

I am fully committed to undertaking this journey with you. When you are ready to apply a positive change to your life – we’ll get started! Contact me at info@matrix-creative.ch or by telephone at +41/76 441 29 17 so that I can help you in choosing the right form of facilitation.

I look forward to getting to know you!