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Laughter yoga

Where does laughter yoga come from?

Since the 70s, scientists have been researching the physical effects of laughter. This field of research is called gelotology (in Greek, gelos means to laugh). The gelotologists found out that laughing has a positive effect on numerous metabolic functions.

Dr. Madan Kataria, MD, from Mumbai, India made use of this knowledge in 1995. He had the brilliant idea of creating exercises to promote spontaneous laughter, combining this with an ancient knowledge of yoga.

What is laughter yoga?

Laughter yoga is a unique concept that allows anyone to laugh without a reason. The laughter arises without jokes, laughing at people, or mimicking a clown – it doesn’t even require a sense of humor. How is that possible?

Laugher yoga is practiced in groups. An important component is eye contact so that, using exercises, the initiated laugh becomes a contagious hearty laugh coming from deep inside. It has been scientifically proven that our body cannot distinguish between generated and real laughter. In both cases, it releases a series of positive biochemical reactions. And laughter yoga makes use of this.

Why laughter YOGA?

The yoga component consists of the deep abdominal breathing, stemming from Pranayama, and different relaxation elements. Only this sufficiently supplies the entire body, especially the brain, with oxygen. Since laughter is the opposite of stress on a physical level, we can make targeted use of laughter for stress relief. Ten minutes of laughter per day are enough!

Laughter yoga is used in over 60 countries today. Among other places, it is successfully used in hospitals, schools, prisons, retirement homes, companies, and even the police in Singapore work with it!

Positive physical effects

  • Activation of self-healing forces: strengthening the immune system, increased release of immunoglobulin A
  • Reduction of stress hormones and acid
  • More energy, endurance, and vitality
  • Cleansing of the respiratory organs and the blood; toxins are increasingly reduced
  • Strengthening and stimulating the heart and circulation
  • Improvement of cerebral blood flow, increased concentration
  • Stimulates digestion through deep breathing and better blood flow
  • Stimulation and strengthening of muscles throughout the entire body
  • Very relaxing and regenerating
  • Increased release of dopamine, which has a pain-relieving effect

Effect of laughter on the spirit and psyche

  • Increased release of happiness hormones (endorphins): antidepressant effect
  • Increased joie de vivre, motivation, creativity, and social competence
  • Supports the capacity to leave the mental hamster wheel
  • Stimulation and cleansing of the lymphatic system: excellent beauty aids, supports inner radiance and charisma
  • Promotes self-acceptance: I am ok the way I am
  • Reduces hyperactivity
  • Weakens anxiety by aiding brain capacity
  • Positive attitude towards life
  • Promotes social contact and interpersonal relationships
  • Possibility to make use of one’s own potential

Benefits in everyday work

  • Creative, relaxed work atmosphere
  • More concentrated and effective working
  • Prevents depressive states and burnout
  • Promotes and supports team building processes
  • Strengthens group consciousness; less envy, competition, bullying
  • Makes way for new solutions
  • Creates distance to problems

Laughter yoga sessions are NOT recommended in the following cases:

  • Up to the 3rd month of pregnancy, although it is promoting and strengthening after this period
  • In the case of rectal or uterine prolapse, hernia, herniated discs, severe back problems
  • Directly after operations (wait for min. 3 months)
  • In the case of severe heart or lung diseases (bypass is ok)
  • In the case of epilepsy, too high eye pressure, psychotic behavior
  • In the case of inflammatory processes such as fever, flu, cold, angina

Laughter yoga classes

We meet to laugh intensively, decelerate, recharge, alleviate pain, activate happiness, relax deeply…

Laughter yoga is the easiest and fastest way to feel happy while also training the entire body intensively – no joke. A laughter yoga session consists of alternating laughter and relaxation exercises with elements of yoga, stretching exercises, and meditation and takes one hour.

You will be surprised what vitality, creativity, and energy lies inside you! Show yourself the best of who you are and activate your potential – playfully and with ease. The classes are designed sequentially and take place 5x (1x per week). No prior knowledge is necessary. Outfit: comfortable everyday clothes. You can find the current offers under calendar.


Baden ist. Zum Lachen.

Lerne die Bäderstadt auf einmalig heitere Art und Weise kennen und lach dich dabei fit!

Wir treffen uns 5x montags an lauschigen und geschichtsträchtigen Plätzen, damit du mittels Lachen

  • fit und gelassen bist für die ganze Woche
  • den ganzen Alltagsstress hinter dir lassen kannst
  • Zufriedenheit ausstrahlst
  • allen Herausforderungen der Woche gelassen begegnest

Die erste Session findet beim Tränenbrunnen an der Limmat statt. Die weiteren Plätze werden dann bekanntgegeben. Bei Regen, Gewitter oder Sturm treffen wir uns im Oederlinareal in Rieden bei Baden, Landstr. 2A, im 1. Stock (kroatischer Verein).


Für jede zahlende Person, die du zum Kurs mitbringst, erhältst du 20% Rabatt auf deinen Kursbeitrag. Bitte gib Namen und Adresse bei der Anmeldung mit an.

Laughter yoga leader training

 I would be happy to train you to become a certified laughter yoga leader. During this basic training, you will learn to lead laughter yoga sessions for clubs, companies, seniors, children, and people with special needs. You will learn fundamental skills for leading a group of people through laughter yoga sessions and meditation. You will also become familiar with the history, the concept, the philosophy, and the different steps of laughter yoga. The training takes two days. For dates and registration, see the calendar.