Holistic Facilitation and Therapies


Can you remember the last time in your life when you felt totally relaxed and secure? Or has it already been too long that you and your body have received healing and care without being evaluated?

In each Bars session between five and ten thousand years of limitations in the area of your life, that corresponds with the specific Bar that is being touched at that moment, can be erased.

Each Access-Bars® session is an incredibly nurturing process that enables healing, care and security and during which the brainwaves slow down so much that you experience deep relaxation.
You can let go of hindering things and perceive yourself and your life from a totally new perspective.

What can an Access-Bars® session trigger?

  • Stress reduction or relief
  • Healthy sleep
  • Intensified, deeper relationships
  • Ease and joy come into your life
  • Significantly faster recovery
  • Your life energy and strength increase
  • Earning money becomes easier
  • Blockades loosen up...

An Access-Bars® session is suitable for everyone, whether young or old, child, youth or adult. Maybe afterwards you will just feel as if you received the best massage of your life and in the best case your entire life develops into something bigger with ease!

Special application areas

  • Fears, depression
  • Stress, burnout, sleep disturbances
  • Migraine, pain, tension
  • Unexplainable body symptoms
  • Regeneration
  • Life crises to find clarity and reorientation
  • School and exam stress
  • Hyperactivity, ADHS

Grant yourself a timeout and create your own reality with an Access-Bars® session!

Access-Bar® session:
Price Fr. 120.-
Duration 60-75 min.

Price for children up to 10 years Fr. 60.-
Duration 30 minutes

The videos shown below give you an idea of what the Bars can be for you.

Access Bars